Has the retro look gone too far? Many auto manufacturers have looked to past designs for inspiration, as have many aftermarket companies. It is entirely possible for two different entities to come up with the same idea; look at VHS and Beta. in the arena of restyling modern Corvettes to reflect classic styling there are multiple methods, but one in particular is very reminiscent of Betamax. In an earlier news story, the Superior54 Corvette Nomad concept car featured C5 suspension components and was built to receive an LS engine of the owner’s choosing. That kit/project was scaled to the mimic the original concept car, but a YouTube video from Arnold Classic Cars shows another take on the Corvette-Nomad concept.

In the video the Corvette features elements of the concept car on the front end, but the car is still distinctly a C5 Corvette. As the camera pans past the side of the car, the C5 doors and mirrors are obviously unchanged; it seems like the retro concept was ignored at this point. Once the rear is shown, it looks similar to the Superior54 kit, but the side wrap around windows are obviously missing. Regardless of the attempt to blend modern and classic on the exterior, the interior is truly special. If the theory that staying in a red room will make a person go insane, then the floor to ceiling bright red interior will be certain to send even a sane person to the nearest psychiatric hospital. Without a way to turn the gauges and radio to completely red, but the gold pedal assembly provides a striking contrast to the vermilion background. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.