It is hard to determine how many 5th generation Camaros have been “donked” but the donk trend is now making its way into the world of Corvettes. A video captures the plight of a C6 that has been painted a shade of “antifreeze green” and treated to a monstrous set of 26-inch spinner rims. It is hard for Corvette purists to conceive of painting a C6 a color inspired by a poisonous automotive fluid that is known for killing mice, rats and people’s pets. Unlike the sickly sweet and usually fatal antifreeze those encountering this green machine are likely to experience trauma, nausea and possibly think that might have ingested the wrong type of mushroom during the lunch break.

At some point, the videographer captures the “donked” C6 in a parking lot, where the brightly colored car is display for the public. The “antifreeze green” color is used to accent the interior thanks carefully painted parts and stitching on the quilted seat inserts. Of course the mastermind behind the poisonous donk pays tribute to those who have passed on (hopefully not caused by drinking antifreeze) by embroidering their “names” on the headrests.  As the car basks in the radioactive glow, the 26-inch rims continue to spin giving the illusion of rolling big and possibly inspiring motion sickness in the elderly, small children or anyone who does not have the “proper appreciation” for a donked Corvette.