Video: An R/C ‘Vette From FG Supply Tears Up The Track

Starting in 2001, FG Supply of Los Angeles, California saw an up-and-coming need for a parts manufacturer for 1:5 and other large-scale R/C cars.

At the time of FG’s creation, the reality of large-scale R/C racing’s need for a new-and-improved sales sector was manifesting in a way that it never had, “As more and more demand grew for large scale R/C products in the U. S. so did the service end of the market.”

FG Supply founder Victor Garcia has since brought to the R/C car business more than twelve years experience in large-scale racing, and according to FG he brought his knowledge to the consumer and parts end of the unique hobby, “We also have some of the best 5th scale drivers in the U. S. which contribute to the sole purpose of improving the customer’s involvement in the large scale racing circuit.”

Our beautiful feature video, shot with a Sony A77 camera with a zoom lens, shows off just what the Los Angeles R/C supplier is capable of in terms of 1:5 scale R/C construction. This replica of a C6R ‘Vette is actually based on FG’s EVO-08, 1:5 gas-powered platform, and by the small ‘Vette’s detail you would almost swear that it’s the real thing.

It’s not often that we cover large-scale R/C cars in our business, but as you can see there is definitely a real market for them. FG Supply also sells 1:5 and 1:10 scale Formula 1 and other kind of race cars, including a race spec BMW M3.

The C6R in our feature video is nothing to pass off as a “toy,” however, as the car is 34 inches long and costs thousands of dollars to build.

The 1:5 scale ‘Vette is also as close to the real thing as you can get in the world of R/C racing, as it is a full carbon fiber car with upper sportsline arms, making it light and nimble as it is powerful.

A real Corvette is a high-dollar piece in today’s economy, especially in light of the fact that the 638-horse ZR1 is somewhere in the $110k+ price range. It’s not a bad investment if you have the money to throw around, but if not then the 1:5 scale, EVO-08 based version from FG Supply just may be a better alternative!

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