Video: An Insider’s Look At Vararam’s Cold Air Induction Systems

vararam2If you’ve ever wanted to take a look at how Vararam creates one of their killer cold-air induction kits, now’s your chance – just watch the video. The entire goal behind the products created by Vararam is to make the most efficient air induction systems available, and it takes a lot of time to research and develop products that will stand up to that credo.

Each cold air induction system they design is first computer-modeled before a single piece is ever created, and by using this computer modeling system they can determine how airflow will behave inside the induction system’s confines. With the ultimate goal being a reduction in airflow to exactly zero, the Vararam team uses the latest in aerodynamic technology to support that testing regimen and provide the end-user with a product that will make horsepower, every time.

vararam1More importantly, the priority is to make horsepower and torque “under the curve,” since this is felt in the seat of the pants and will provide more of a benefit than just a gain at the peak power level. While big peak numbers are good for bragging rights, power across the entire rev band is what makes a car fast.

The company offers a number of unique products for the Corvette, and having an opportunity to see how some of the products are created on the inside is more than some companies are willing to provide. Check out the great video, where you’ll be able to see snippets of the process from the beginning, where testing is made using temporary tooling, to the finished stages of how a product is offered for sale, including the permanent tooling process. And if you need a cold air intake system that is guaranteed to increase performance, check out Vararam‘s website.

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