Video: An 1,100 Horsepower Nitrous Fueled ZR1 Hits The Half Mile

It’s no surprise to find out that American muscle reigns supreme around these parts, but you may be a little surprised to know that there is just as much love for U.S. iron down in Puerto Rico–which is technically still part of the states, at least territorially anyways. Domestic boundaries aside, the guys over at 1320video recently headed south of the boarder to check out some of the action at this year’s Puerto Rico Half Mile, and they didn’t come up empty handed.

What we have here is a gorgeous C6 ZR1 in Artic White. And while the car produced a stout 638 horsepower at the crank from the factory, the owner seemed to think that boost alone just wasn’t enough. He decided to throw a little bit–and by “a little” we mean a lot–of nitrous at it. According to the guys at 1320, this car still has a stock bottom end–though that’s slightly misleading since the LS9’s internals are all forged from the factory.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.00.07 PM

Regardless, throwing a 250 horsepower hit of nitrous at a factory motor is still pretty ballsy in our book, but it seem to take it like a champ. The owner’s wife/girlfriend/mistress gives us the details of the setup, which comes from Nitrous Outlet, and tells us that the car recently put 1,100 ponies to the ground after the spray.

Allegedly, the cars previous best in the half mile was in the 170-mile-per-hour range and the owner was looking to go 190+, which shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility considering the car’s power level. Unfortunately, the car seems to be experiencing some technically difficulties during some of the runs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.58.20 PM

For example, around the 2:14 mark, the car just start dumping black smoke. This is most likely the result of the nitrous system not activating correctly and the wet kit is just dumping fuel into the system. You’ll see the car do this several more time throughout the video and the malfunction ends up limiting the car’s best to 168.66 mph. Obviously, the car needs a few more shake down passes and possibly some tuning on the nitrous system.

But no matter how disappointing the results were, the car still looks and sounds fantastic…so at least there’s that.

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