If you live in an area close to water, there can be times when the idea of an amphibious vehicle might make a degree of sense. Historically, of course, the few that have been made are either low on style (Example: Amphicar) or high on the wrong kind of functionality (Example: LCAC).

In situations like that, you’ll likely turn to Watercar Inc., a company out of Fountain View, California, who have just the solution for you. Their Python vehicle reportedly can do 60 mph (~52 knots) in the water, turn a quarter mile in the mid-twelves and handle the 0-60 mph sprint in 4.5 seconds.

The Python starts as a… well, actually, we’re not sure, but we suspect that it starts from a custom boat hull and has Corvette parts added. You can see the rear bodywork of a Corvette in the photos, along with a jet drive for water propulsion. In the water, the road wheels retract to reduce drag, so there’s a lot going on under the bodywork, whether in the wet or dry. An LS powerplant drives both the road wheels and the jet pump.

Weighing in at 3800 pounds, the manufacturer claims a top speed (dry) of 125 mph. The Python is supplied as a rolling chassis, into which you’ll need to put an engine and transaxle. While the choice of engines seems open, the preferred gearbox comes from Mendeola Transaxles, in San Diego.

All told, your piggy bank is going to end up about $200K lighter, perhaps more if you go crazy on the engine. Regardless, you’ll end up with one of the more unique hot rods around and one that you’ll not be afraid to take out in when it rains.