Video: All-Natural Redhead Rides Shotgun In Superfast Corvette

For the past few months, we’ve been able to bring you a bevy of beautiful babes riding in fast cars thanks to our friends over at Hightech Corvette. Alas, some people found some of these videos “offensive” and “vulgar”, as if there is anything offensive or vulgar about a well-endowed babe enjoying a ride in a fast car.

YouTube does not much care for hot redheads wearing see-through shirts, which is why they removed this video of aforementioned hot redhead from their website. But good old Vimeo came through, which is why we’re able to once again show you this all-natural redhead’s joyride in a 1,300 horsepower twin-turbo Corvette.

While we probably should spend time talking about this 1,300 horsepower Corvette, can you blame us if we’re a bit…distracted? According to this video, the redhead is “all natural”, and we don’t think they were talking about her hair. After seeing plenty of videos of Gisele’s girls bouncing all over the place, something a bit tamer is just what the doctor ordered.

If you consider see-through white t-shirts tame, that is. YouTube does not, though we doubt our sapphire-haired joyrider cares much. In fact, if you stick around until the end of the video, our leading lady (who does not shout…but does cringe a few times as the speed picks up) puts on a show for her loyal viewers. Can we get a hip-hip-hooray?

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