Women are a lot like cars; they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and every guy has his own preference as to what they find appealing. This is also true of body modifications; what one guy finds hot, another finds repulsive, and in today’s fast-paced world of easy plastic surgery, body modifications are easier than ever to get. But what about those who prefer that natural, unmodified look?

The guys over at Hightech Corvettes have listened to the public outcry for a more “natural” woman in their rapidly-expanding “fast cars + bouncing boobs” line of videos. Their answer: a redheaded, beautiful “girl next door” unmodified by any sort of plastic surgery. Oh, and a twin-turbo Corvette Z06 too

The Corvette Z06 represents one of the best values in performance as it comes from the factory, and when modified with an Inline Racing twin-turbo kit this amazing automobile makes 1,300 horsepower. Madness? No, just a good thing made better. The acceleration, as you might imagine, is insane, and for any passenger not expecting the sudden g-forces and torque, it can be quite surprising.

And this poor girl is certainly surprised as she is pushed back into her seat by the Corvette’s turbocharged torque. But unlike some of the other girls in these videos, this tough redhead never screams, just twirls a finger through her hair as the speed comes on. She doesn’t smile as much as the other girls either, but when she does smile, it is just gorgeous. It looks a little cold in there, but she never flinches. A true badass beauty.