Advantage, by Martin & Sandro Baebler, is a short film about a mysterious man in a C2 Corvette who is being chased by an army of enemies up the amazing Gotthard Pass in Switzerland. 

Jean-Paul Roy is the man behind the wheel of the insanely immaculate Corvette, and he gives off a great secret agent vibe the whole film. Determined in gaining distance on his enemies, he aggressively drives the Corvette further up the pass and makes a stop to see if he can spot the caravan. With no sign of the vehicles, it’s pedal to the metal until the next stop, where he finally spots the caravan making their way up the pass.

This is a great short film and there are so many questions to be answered. Why is Roy’s character running? Is he a criminal? Is he a secret agent of some sort? While we don’t have the answers to those questions, we do know that he drives a sweet mid-year that we’d be more than happy to put some much deserved miles on.

Another part we liked about the short film was the fact that they used a drone to get all of their aerial shots – it’s a nice touch that added to the already suspenseful storyline. The 3D animations in the credits were also a professional touch and kind of left us wanting more from the film. We liked Advantage and definitely think it would make for a cool feature film idea, not to mention the great use of an early Stingray on an iconic Swiss road.