Wouldn’t it be cool if your every moment were captured on camera, and you could go back and watch a highlight reel of your life? Well for people in the public spotlight, this is a reality, and it isn’t just Hollywood stars that the cameras are focused on. Race driver Ken Block is used to his every move being filmed for the Monster World Rally Team, and now we have a highlight reel of Block’s greatest moments from the past year.

This video captures the highlights from the many, many racing and exhibition events that Block attended over the past year. From rally races to gymkhana, from Europe to Australia and of course America, Block takes us all over the world in just over two minutes of video. The video features views from the many, many GoPro cameras stuck to Bock’s race cars, providing an unparalleled view of the action.

Looking back on it all, it’s hard for us to pinpoint our favorite moment from Block’s 2011 season. of course Gymkhana 4 was up there, but so wasn’t Block’s performance at the Gymkhana World Tour. There are plenty of other highlights to choose from, so why don’t you tell us which Ken Block moment was your favorite from 2011.