Video: A Walk-Around of the Newly Revealed C7 Corvette Stingray

For Corvette enthusiasts, January 13th, 2013 was long-awaited. Not only did this significant date mark the 60th anniversary of the first Corvette’s reveal almost to the day, it also marked the unveiling of Corvette’s seventh generation. Now, if you’re as die-hard of a fan as we think you are, you’ve probably already taken a look at our complete preliminary  C7 Corvette spec list and photo gallery to gain all the latest insight on the new model. But if you’re looking for even more details and an up close and personal look at the new C7, the video above is just for you.

Images: Chevrolet

The reveal of the seventh-generation Corvette resulted in a frenzy of information, specs and photos to hit the web, but only those who worked on the new Corvette can know it as personally as we’d all like to. Lucky for us, Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter helps us see the new Corvette in even more depth in the video above.

By now you probably know that the C7 Corvette boasts a 450 horsepower 6.2L LT1 powerplant capable of producing 450 lb-ft of torque and propelling the next-generation sports car from zero to 60 MPH in less than four seconds.

But beyond that, and the many other performance upgrades we’ve all doted on, the Corvette’s platform brings even more to the table. With cornering capabilities rising to 1G on the skid pad, an all-aluminum frame that makes the car 100 pounds lighter and nearly 60 percent stiffer, and carbon fiber panels on the hood and roofs of even the base models, the C7 Corvette is truly America’s favorite sports car of the future.

Quicker than the C6 Corvette Grand Sport models, the C7 also brings a wider range of capabilities to its drivers. Whether you’re looking to make a C7 your daily driver, take it on long-distance trips, or take it to the top at your local drag strip, the seventh-generation brings Corvette owners fantastic new styling that also improves the car’s performance, greater control over every aspect of your car’s handling and an interior that was designed specifically to improve the driving environment of everyone who steps foot into the new car. The C7 even has two brand new seat choices that can take you from road to track comfortably with premium leather that matches the carbon fiber and leather in the rest of the interior, as well as the aluminum accents that add to the car’s world-class design.

As the next iteration in hopefully a long string of generations to come, the C7 brings the heritage of the past to meet the styling and performance of the future. As true Corvette fans here at Corvette Online, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.


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