Video: A Test Drive With The Hennessey HPE700 C7 Supercharger Kit

For those who have driven a Corvette in the past, they fully realize how much fun a Vette is to drive– even in stock form. The new C7 for instance, has extremely respectable performance figures and is sure to generate smiles from those lucky enough to drive one.

Coming at You!

When the stock power output is just not enough, owners usually turn to one of a select few performance companies to get the most power for their budget. One company that owners turn to is Hennessey Performance out of Texas. In their recently released video, owner John Hennessey discusses their C7 HPE700 kit that offers 707 hp through the usage of a supercharger. The white on red C7 in their video also has some additional performance tuning like carbon fiber side skirts and light-weight wheels that eliminated nearly 17 lbs of unsprung weight from the vehicle. 

What makes this video interesting, however, is that as Hennessey drives the Vette and lays into it, you can tell that the amount of power it generates is truly exciting to him. This is pretty unique because he has surely driven all kinds of performance cars so he is no stranger to fast acceleration. If it’s fun to him, it must be a blast to the average enthusiast.

Not only does the car look fast, it sounds terrific. The numerous fly-bys in the video and the rear-end mounted camera all play their part in highlighting the amazing sound that comes out of this supercharged bullet. As more and more performance companies release parts for the C7, the race is on to see who can build the fastest C7.

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