Video: A Rocket-Powered Corvette C6.R

RC cars may seem like a child’s hobby, but there are some pretty serious competitors in the world of scale model racing, and you can spend a lot of cheddar on these pint-sized rides. Even so, these electric remote control cars tend to top out at 50 MPH max in stock form, making it no match for the real-deal Corvette race car.

But there might be a way to even the playing field, and it involves a little bit of literal rocket science. High Tech Corvette attached one of the strongest model rocket motors you can buy without a special license to a scale model, remote-controlled Corvette, and the rest of the video speaks for itself.

Model rocketry is a hobby that is just as serious as RC cars can be, and some of these rocket motors pack a serious punch. Model rocket engines available “over the counter” are rated on a letter scale from A to G, with A being the lowest-power and G-motors packing the biggest bunch, and each step between letters representing up to twice as much total power. A typical kid’s model rocket kit has a C engine, providing between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds of thrust.

Meanwhile, the G motors pack 18 pounds of thrust, and are the highest-powered model rocket motors legally allowed to be sold to the general public. It’s little wonder why the model Corvette quite literally went airborne. Thanks to numerous well-placed cameras, we have multiple angles on the insanity and resulting carnage. This is what we’d call productive boredom.


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