Video: A Ride in the World’s Most Powerful C7, Built by LMR

The crew over at Late Model Racecraft never cease to amaze us. Recently, they claimed the title for the world’s most powerful C7 Corvette Stingray with their twin-turbocharged monster putting out a mind-boggling 836 horsepower and 737 pound-feet at the rear wheels.

What’s different about LMR’s twin-turbo system is that theirs mounts the turbos in the front of the car, while Hennessey’s HPE700 kit is mounted in the rear of the car. The downside of Hennessey’s kit is that the air being produced by the turbos has to travel from the rear of the car to the intercooler in the front, which could cause turbo lag due to the distance that the air has to travel and the diameter of the piping – not to mention added weight from all that plumbing. LMR’s kit is straight to the point and they claim it makes power virtually instantly.

Besides the gaudy chrome taillight trim, the best part about LMR’s Stingray is that it looks completely stock, at least until you get a look under the hood. In one part of the video, we noticed that LMR was using C6 Z06 wheels with drag radials on their C7, but that’s because they needed drag radials to even be able to floor it in third.

It’s not hard at all to see how fast LMR’s C7 is just by seeing some good ol’ freeway pulls and also the reactions of their beautiful brunette co-pilot. We hope to see a lot more out of LMR – they’re making great progress in the early stages of modifying the versatile LT1 engine and we can’t get enough.

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