Video: A Remote-Controlled Corvette ZR1… Computer?

These days, there can be little doubt that nerds rule the world. From NASA missions to computer technology to today’s modern automobiles, nerds make the world go around. And we don’t use that term negatively; it is just that nerd (or geek) culture has so permeated the mainstream that it is now almost impossible to escape in any aspect of life.

Take this next video for instance. What starts out as a cool-but-humble Corvette ZR1 RC car soon becomes a mobile-and-awesome fully-functioning desktop PC. This is not something the average gearhead can come up with; it takes special nerd credentials to make a car/computer this cool.

You wouldn’t think there’d be enough room for a motherboard, hard drive, power supply, and even an optical disc drive under the body of a remote controlled Corvette… but you’d be wrong. What’s more, the builder even maintained the original drivetrain, allowing this computer to scoot along floors and hallways with ease.

It is the little details that really complete this Corvette computer though. The disc drive in the roof for example, or the hood-mounted fan that looks a lot like the see-through hood on the Corvette ZR1. It is a fantastic exercise in combining multiple passions into a single awesome device, one that brings the term “mobile computing” to a whole new level.

It leaves us wondering about what other possibilities remote controlled Corvettes might hold. What about a mobile donut fetcher? Or how about a remote controlled coffee maker? Can you tell we were hungry when we wrote this?

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Christopher DeMorro is a freelance writer and journalist from Connecticut with two passions in life; writing and anything with an engine.
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