Video: A Pristine 1960 Corvette Barn Find

Today, the cars that many collectors prize and envy are vehicles that were, at one time or another, simply daily drivers that weren’t expected to last more than three or four years before being replaced. People didn’t give a second thought to buying a car like the Chevy Corvette, driving it for a few years, and then storing it away for a few decades.

These cars are still being uncovered today, including this pristine-looking 1960 Corvette found in a Vermont barn. It is hard to believe, but this Corvette looks almost perfectly preserved, though that could be because of the poor video quality.

The story behind this video is that a Vermont couple bought their son this 1960 Corvette for commuting back and forth to school in Burlington. The car was bought in 1966, and was used as a daily driver for the next 11 years. In 1977 though the car was put away into storage, where it has sat for the past 35 years.

Unlike many barn finds though, this one looks to have been kept in almost pristine condition. It really is shockingly clean, though it did have to been winched out of the garage. That said, some fresh gas and an air cleaner would probably see this ‘Vette fire up right away. This unrestored treasure has already found a home with a Pennsylvania collector, and hopefully it will remain a true survivor from a bygone era.

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