For little girls who grow up with Barbie dolls, the bright pink Barbie Corvette is a much-needed accessory. After all, how else would Barbie and her friends get around in style if it weren’t for the iconic American sports car with a paint scheme befitting of any young princess? While many of us females in the automotive industry can relate to having the children’s toy at one time, one young lady recently got herself a life-sized (at least to her) pink Corvette and you won’t believe how much style she has while driving it. Check her out (and an unexpected guest driver towards the end) in the video above.

Browsing the internet for Corvette videos often brings up many results, and while this isn’t your typical burnout, drag race or other hooning type of video, we just couldn’t resist sharing this video of Ms. Micaela and her very own Corvette with fellow enthusiasts.

Set to the song “Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy Ocean, the video above features Micaela as she starts up her sophisticated C5 Corvette and takes it for a leisurely cruise through the neighborhood. Although not a full-sized vehicle, the Corvette certainly looks at home on the streets, complete with pop-up headlights, working turn signals and even a radio. Ironically, this little sports car has more features than some people’s daily drivers.

Behind the steering wheel, Micaela is a pro at exhibiting proper driving behavior, staying in her “lane of traffic” and stopping at the corner stop sign before looking both ways, signaling and turning right. Micaela even has the obligatory hair flip down for her convertible cruises.

We aren’t sure how old Micaela is, but have a feeling that it won’t be long before she’s begging her dad for a real sports car, and frankly, who can blame her?

With a nifty pint-sized Corvette of her very own, who wouldn’t want to graduate to the real deal when a drivers’ license comes along?