Video: A Glimpse at the Corvette 427 Collectors Edition Tour

A couple months ago, we brought you a rather random video depicting several Corvettes of all different generations flanking a Swiss fighter jet on a taxiing demonstration. As part of the Corvette 427 Collector Edition Tour, this unique display certainly showed a new side to car cruises. But now thanks to this video we found on YouTube, the whole event is tied up rather nicely, and let’s face it, makes the situation make a bit more sense for those of us still scratching our heads. Check it out above. 

swiss_corvette_tour_3The Corvette 427 Collector Edition Tour took place in late April, involving numerous Corvettes and their owners, including a brand new 427 Convertible. The whole point of the tour was to honor where the Corvette has been and continues to go some 60 years after its introduction. Oddly enough, however, the event was held not in the United States, where you might expect such an event to take place, but in Switzerland.

Along with cruising the roads of Switzerland, participants visited a college campus, the aforementioned Swiss Air Force base, and a drag racing demonstration. The Corvette owners even stopped by a local Hooters restaurant for a little fun with the gorgeous waitresses. If immersing the car and its fan base into everything imaginable was the plan, we think the organizers successfully pulled it off. With that being said, what do you think the events for the C7 will be like?


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