Lining up a Corvette and import is usually a waste of fossil fuels, unless it happens to be something worthwhile like a GT-R or Supra, not an older-than-dirt Honda wagon. Normally a ’99 Corvette would clobber the average 1988 Honda, but this little wagon has a surprise for the LS1-powered sports car. The little bluish-gray all-wheel-drive wagon is sporting a stock SOHC engine that is force-fed thanks to a 57mm turbo at 9 PSI, compared to the Corvette’s relatively mild bolt-ons; headers, intake and exhaust.

Despite the addition of the performance goodies to the ‘Vette, the little Honda launches on the C5 during the first match up; could the AWD really help that much or was the Corvette driver just a little slow off the line? Regardless situation surrounding the launch, how embarrassing would it be to not only get caught street racing against an ’88 Civic wagon but, thanks to the multiple cameras, get caught losing to the Honda on a launch? During the second match-up the Corvette does overtake the wagon, but honestly street racing a C5 against a Honda on camera and not annihilating it is not what we’d call “worth the risk.”