Video: ’63 Stingray Split Window Featured on Hagerty Classic Car TV

The insurance experts at Hagerty Vintage and Collector Car Insurance are branching out into the world of media with their new weekly online show called “Hagerty Classic Car TV.” In this, the first ever episode, they decide to kick thinks off right by featuring perhaps the most iconic American collector car out there; the 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe.

But before they drive the Stingray, they actually let a bunch of teenage kids get behind the wheel. No, you didn’t misread – they let several teenagers drive the Split Window, as well as some other very cool cars, as part of The Hagerty Driving Experience. This event was held to celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 8th, and 34 kids ages 16 to 20 participated in a course to learn how to drive cars with standard transmissions. These are some very lucky kids –how many of you can say you learned to drive stick shift in a ’63 Corvette?

The road test of the Stingray starts around the 3-minute mark (if you’d like to skip ahead to the good part). The show’s host, Matt Richmond, goes for a mellow ride-along in the Split Window with Hagerty counterpart Jonathan Klinger. We don’t get any specific details on the car, but the video does feature some really great footage of the Stingray cruising through the countryside. Klinger leaves us with this thought; “There is just a legend, and quite honestly a ‘cult-like’ following around the Corvette. Anyone who has any interest in cars, you’re going to appreciate driving a Corvette.”

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