Video: ’63 Corvette Drifting In The Snow

Despite the fact that this video might offend some Corvette purists, we have to say that it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Who doesn’t dream of having the opportunity to drift a Corvette, tossing it around at will, without fear of running into anyone or anything? Although this isn’t exactly this Corvette’s finest moment, the driver takes no prisoners while wearing out the empty field.

The car has been in the family for over thirty years, according to the video owner, and features a 327 cubic inch engine, four-speed transmission, Posi rear, and power brakes and steering. The ’63 body has been dropped onto a ’65 frame, and looks to be in reasonably-good shape from what we can see. This is four minutes of video that’s worth watching, regardless of whether you agree with the decision to subject the ‘Vette to these horrors or not.

The Corvette has been the iconic American sports car for generations, and many owners store the cars in fear of accumulating any damage whatsoever. We have to say that we’re glad to see an owner using a car the way it’s meant to be used – to put miles of smiles on your face and take you away from your everyday problems.

The after footage of the car covered in dirt and snow is something you’re not likely to see very often, but at least Santa appears to have had a joyous time riding in his sleigh. This is a great Christmas gift in our opinion – where do we sign up? Despite the “abuse”, the car handles it with ease, and at least it’s not a split-window…

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