With GM’s current advertising trend showcasing its iconic history with a mix of modern and vintage pictures, finding an original Corvette television ad from 1954 is pretty darn cool. Despite the grainy video it was truly a great chance to look back in time and see the introduction of the C1 to public. Hearing the announcer describe the attributes and features of what would become America’s sports car makes the viewer nostalgic for a bygone era of apple pie and Leave It To Beaver. Even the terminology and/or vernacular used to describe the additional features seems a little archaic. In the modern era cars are advertised with using sex appeal and a lust for insane horsepower, but it seems things were more conservative back in 1954.

This commercial markets the Corvette as the epitome of American engineering with its solid build and practical features. It seems odd to use the word practical in a sports car commercial, because this newly introduced two-seater seemed hardly practical. According to the commercial, this car was built for Mr. and Mrs. America to enjoy the newly built highways and back roads of the United States.  “Higher compression, triple side draft carburetors and dual exhaust give her 160 horsepower,” said the announcer in his appeal to potential buyers. The combination of sleek lines and American ingenuity made the Corvette a symbol of America.