Video: 510 Race Engineering and Their Z06 Incinerator Package

Those mad scientists over at 510 Race Engineering are at it again – building some badass LSx-powered cars, and offering the aspiring hot shoe some of the most streetable, yet potent performance packages currently available on the aftermarket. Just this morning, they sent to us not only this video of their latest creations, but a complete spec sheet of the car in the video, and what their “Incinerator Package” consists of.

510 Race Engineering does all of their own tuning.

This particular car is owned by 510 customer Mark Barten, and he left the boys explicit instructions on what he wanted. Turns out, he was looking to turn his tame Z06 into a car that’s very race oriented, but is still drivable on the street and is pump-gas-friendly. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

To sum up the modifications, the factory LS7 intake and throttle body were swapped out for a 102 mm package from F.A.S.T. The stock heads were ported to enlarge the “key areas that would increase airflow, but keep material removal to a minimum to avoid a drastic decrease in average airspeed,” as 510’s Kent Shrake told us.

Stuffed inside those heads are OEM LS7 intake valves, Manley exhaust valves and Nextek springs, titanium retainers, steel spring locators, and new valve seals also found their way in there – along with several of 510’s exclusive tweaks.

The rest of the engine benefits from a COMP hydraulic roller camshaft, hardened 3/8″ chromoly American Racing headers and an X-pipe. The results of all of these power mods bring a total of 598 horsepower to the rollers on the shop’s Mustang dyno, and if you’re not impressed with that, there’s also a Nitrous Outlet 150 HP shot of spray. On motor, the car has ran as quick as 171 MPH in the Texas Mile, but with the N2O, the car ran as quick as 204 with the 730 rear wheel horsepower pushing it down the runway. 

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