Video: 40 Year Employee Surprised With Restored 1972 Corvette

How’d you like to work for one company for 40 years, and have the opportunity to be recognized in front of your peers for a job well done? Sounds like a great day, right? No matter who you are, or what you do, being recognized for your contributions is a feeling that can’t be surpassed.

boock1Unless you’re this guy, WCCO Belting, Inc. Shipping and Receiving Manager Mike Boock. Mike’s put in his time with the company, helping to grow it from a one-man shoe repair shop in Wahpeton, North Dakota, into a multi-million dollar specialized rubber products manufacturer.

boock2What started off as a part-time job for Boock turned into a 40-year career that culminated in this video – the observation of his 40-year anniversary. Company CEO Thomas Shorma, the son of founder Ed Shorma, presented him with an beautifully-restored 1972 Corvette in a ceremony in front of the company’s entire employee base. 

Of course, since it was a surprise, they presented him with a number of smaller gifts to start, which he was able to open in front of everyone, including a Franklin Mint scale Corvette – a nice gift in itself. Cleverly packaged inside? A key to his new car.

Shock and awe would be a good way to describe the look on his face when the car rolls into the ballroom, and he can’t even get a proper hug in with the CEO since his eyes are so focused on the car.

And who can blame him? It’s a beautiful car, and a great example of a company that values the experience and skills of its employees. Kudos to you, Mr. Boock. We hope you’re enjoying the ride.

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