Video: 3,200 Horsepower Worth of Lamborghini and Corvette

TX2k is quickly becoming one of the predominant events in the performance community. In case you haven’t heard, the event has a little bit of everything involving horsepower. From drag racing to dyno testing, it’s all there. Not to mention the fact that the event attracts some of the most gorgeous and well built cars from all over the country, as you can see in this video and others like it.

With all of that power in one place, the inner child makes it difficult for us to contain urges that have been marinating all winter long; it’s only natural. In this video from ThatRacingChannel on Youtube, we see two very impressive cars go at it on the highways of Houston.

The LMR Corvette, looking quite sinister in the night.

In the left lane is the twin turbo v10 powered Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo, and in the right lane, we see the equally impressive Tejano Blue Late Model Racecraft Corvette, with two snails of its own. Both cars clock in impressively on the dyno, with the Lambo making over 1500 horsepower and the LMR Corvette making a detuned 1700. On paper, it seems as if the matchup of these high horsepower cars would’ve gone to the Vette, but when they line up on the street the numbers go out the window. The Lamborghini takes off in epic fashion on its way to grab a “W” over the beefed up C6.

While this matchup did make for an entertaining race, we do recommend that you try to keep your personal action on the track. Had these gentlemen been caught red handed, they surely would have found themselves behind bars until who knows when. Even if you discount the danger to other traffic and bystanders, getting pulled over with the GoPro cameras stuck all over your extremely modified cars with SD cards in them that the District Attorney will be calling “Exhibit A” would suck in ways that are hard to imagine…



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