Doing donuts in a Corvette is fantastic fun, but what’s the equivalent of that for a 3 1/2-year old? Donuts in a C7 Power Wheels of course! Check out just how much fun it can be as super-talented Mikey Heap demonstrates in the video above!

c7_power_wheelsMikey is the son of gearhead and Chevy fan Chad Heap, so it’s no surprise that he’s already brushed up on his Corvette driving skills at the ripe young age of 3 and change. But Mikey does more than just drive his Power Wheels – he power slides his Power Wheels!

With dual batteries delivering 24 volts under the plastic body of his Vette, Mikey is able to drift, spin and hit incredible speeds in his modified C7. But what’s more impressive than the capabilities of the little car are the skills of young Mikey.

Wielding the wheel like a pro, Mikey chases down neighborhood kids with skill before executing maneuvers usually reserved for the older gearhead crowd, even leaning into his slides like a pro.

Mikey certainly has the chops of an up-and-coming driver and we have no doubt that by the time he’s 16, he’ll be driving circles around the other kids at school, especially since we hear that his C7 is soon to get more power and more modifications!

For a closer look at Mikey’s Corvette and how it has been modified so far, check out the video below!