Standing mile events are marked by incredible top speeds, but like any form of racing there are risks associated with competition ranging from blown engines to crashes and/or serious injury. Jalponik reported the crash of the Hinson Motorsports C6 Z06 during competition at the Texas Mile on Saturday March 26th. Despite the violent crash near the mile mark, Hinson’s driver escaped without serious injury.

On Friday the Corvette completed a 224.5 MPH pass without incident using a low level of boost. The 1,400 horsepower Corvette experienced trouble on Saturday and after catching air, the car rolled once and eventually came to rest on its wheels. It is a miracle that the driver was not seriously injured after watching the video of the brutal wreck. Astonishingly the driver was actually able to walk away; however he was taken to a local hospital and later released.

In spite of the damage sustained by the Z06 during the rollover, it appears that all of the safety equipment played an important role in possibly saving a man’s life. The driver’s ability to walk away is a credit to Hinson Motorsports’ dedication to safety. According to posts on their Facebook page, the driver is considered to be the luckiest man in Texas and was encouraged to purchase a lottery ticket after his experience.