Video: 2017 Corvettes At Carlisle – Corvette Online Coverage, Day #2

Famed D & A Restoration showed this killer big-block C2 coupe with blue walls…

The 2017 Corvettes at  Carlisle is almost in full bloom.

Of the four day event, Thursday and Friday are arguably the “pre-function,” to Saturday and Sunday, but there were many delights to behold.

Carbon 65 Edition C7 was awesome in the "flesh"

Day Two revealed many insights on the current state of the Corvette and the incredibly diverse people that follow the iconic marque. Here are some observations from ground zero at Corvettes at Carlisle 2017.

1968 Corvette barn find. Gently awoken by Tim Hendricks after 35 year slumber. He plans to leave it as is.

You Don’t Know Diddly About Corvettes

Even if you think you have a deep grasp of the Corvette, it’s history and culture, there will be someone you meet here that will enlighten with nuances about the plastic Chevy you never knew.

Think of the show as a four-day, university extension class on all things Corvette, and aside from the price of the ticket to the show, it’s a fantastic bargain.

A pair of ferocious C4 ZR1s

The Corvette hobby is alive and kicking.

The ecosystem that’s supporting the Corvette is mind boggling and something every Civic driving, weiner app developer in Silicon Valley would kill for.

Heavy artillery, big ticket items run the gamut from tires, brakes, exhaust, motors, hell, you can build an entire car with parts from this show.

They are only original once.

Lets not forget g-strings, shirts, bras, key chains, toaster cozies, T-shirts, belt buckles, you name it, someone here at the show has a thriving small business slapping a set of crossed flags on it.

Chevrolet is leveraging this to the hilt as well. You can now order a new ‘Vette with factory accessories and options that rival top custom car shops from around the globe. Chevy would love to sell you a set of Corvette luggage, floor mats, cold air intakes and a custom console lid as well.

Diversity Is The Name Of The Game

And we’re not talking nutty, Seattle-style, group nude encounters either.

There is an old saying “Nothing grows in a clean pond,” which alludes that many elements need to be included in an ecosystem in order to thrive.

Kerbeck’c Corvette was out in full force. Oooh la-la…

The Corvette hobby is an excellent example of the aforementioned. Millionaires, billionaires, morbidly obese folks on scooters, master mechanics, artisans, scavengers, hucksters, toothless 25 year olds gumming funnel cake and enough cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirts and running shoes to sink a ship. All rubbing shoulders and communing via a shared common love of a plastic two seater.

Groovy custom Shark.


Some highlights of Day Two were the Chip Miller Amyliedois Foundation dinner where we got to meet all sorts of interesting Corvette VIPS, a killer collection of ’67 L88’s, Kevin McKay of Corvette Repair unearthed the 1957 Sebring #3 race car and cool barn find ‘Vettes that are a reminder that old Corvettes are still out there hiding.

Saturday is arguably the biggest day of the show.  Stay tuned to Corvette Online and Corvette Online Facebook for all the updates!

1967 L88s FOR DAYS...

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