The C7 Z06 is certainly no slouch as it comes from the factory, but like so many of us gear heads and horsepower freaks, some people can’t leave well-enough alone. Lou Gigliotti and his company LG Motorsports has been here to cater to the craving for speed for Corvette owners.

America’s sports car has certainly made it’s mark in the world of motorsports, with team Corvette showing very well in IMSA, Le Mans, and other global series it’s only natural to play a little fantasy when you get behind the wheel or your equally boisterous yellow ‘Vette.

This example has been thoroughly warmed over by the LG crew to the tune of LG Motorsports Super Pro stepped long-tube headers which direct exhaust gases (and noise) downstream through merge collectors and a full three-inch x-pipe, continuing on Corsa mufflers tame the high frequency notes with their noise cancellation technology.LG Motorsports

On the intake side of the direct-injection powerplant is LG’s own cam grind opening valves and letting gasses in and out of ported cylinder heads. As if these flow-improving modifications didn’t un-cork the Z06 satisfactorily, the engine is now topped with an Eaton E-Force supercharger featuring 2300 rotors and an Alky control methanol kit keeps intake charhe temps down.

In this first start-up video it’s clear that this package comes together to make a snarling combination with a loping idle and undoubtedly enough power to keep your attention.