Video: 2014 Corvette Stingray Production

For Corvette fans of all ages, this is a very special time. The first of the new-generation C7 Corvettes are arriving at dealerships and garages all over America, giving a ravenous fan base their first real taste of what we’ve been told is the best ‘Vette yet. If the hype is all true. and we have no reason to doubt the buckets of praise heaped upon the latest Chevy supercar, then it won’t take long for the fan videos and performance parts to start stacking up.

But before all of that, let us take you on a tour of the very-important Corvette manufacturing process. SupercarHall has this video of C7 Corvette production, which is in full swing at the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant, where some truly sci-fi manufacturing processes and machines are used to put together this all-American supercar.

We mean it when we say that the retooled Corvette facility is cutting-edge to the point of being scary. We’re really living in the future, and the Corvette is the preferred ride of choice it seems. The video follows as the Corvette’s tub and chassis come together, man and machine working in unison to manufacture this sports car along a slow-moving assembly line.

Perhaps the most-satisfying element of the whole video is the part when chassis and body come together, snapping into place like this plastic toy cars we had as kids. Not that the new Corvette, with its 455 horsepower LT1 V8, seven-speed manual transmission, or all-aluminum chassis is a toy…

But we imagine that picking up a 2014 Corvette fresh from the dealership must take one back to that feeling of childish glee.


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