Owning a performance car, and certainly owning a Corvette, is about many things. Not only does the car have to be designed properly, with alluring body lines and unique details in all the right places, it also has to provide plenty of oomph and precise handling abilities. But what may be overlooked by some on a performance car is actually the environment in which every driver experiences their own ride. The interior is the true connection for driver and car.

Images: Chevrolet

Those behind the 2014 Corvette Stingray embraced that idea and designed an interior to give future owners of these cars a unique bond to their Vettes. Check it out in the video above.

The next-gen Corvette is all about improvements – improved handling, improved power and, at least by some peoples’ standards, improved looks. Going along with that, Corvette designers also improved the interior of the car, giving enthusiasts something to look forward to that goes above and beyond the typical Corvette interior.

Inside the new Vette, you’ll find real carbon fiber details, two different seat choices, highly visible instrumentation, and even expertly stitched door panel, headliner, and seat seams. If you’re looking for a truly inspired interior, the C7 is sure to impress.

Designing a performance car is not just limited to one area of the vehicle. All elements must work together in order to give drivers and enthusiasts alike a true impression of what the car has to offer.

While we won’t know if the interior of the new Corvette will be perceived as a substantial improvement or a half-minded makeover, we certainly can’t wait to experience one for ourselves. And of course, we’ll be critiquing the seats more than ever.