Video: 2014 Corvette Stingray – Enemy of the Same

Being the Corvette, we think it should have had the Audi/Viperesque LED lights for the last few years.

Being in the business of automotive journalism, we get to hear feedback from enthusiasts of all types, from all over the world. Love it or hate it, the C7 Corvette is here to stay. When the Stingray was unveiled on January 13th, the feedback was more bad than good, we admit, but then again we’re in the “true believer” bubble, and the voices of the fanatical drown out the mainstream reaction.

Maybe it was too much of a change over what the fans were used to. Despite the differences between the last three generations (C4, C5, C6), they all look quite similar, and you’ll never mistake them for anything but a Corvette.

But this new one is different. Like, really different. Some call it a Ferrari ripoff, others think they played the Viper card a little too close for comfort. We’re a little more open-minded, however. Sure, we were put off by the “Camaro taillights” at first too. But the more we look at it, and the more that reality has set in, the more we love it.

Plus, let’s be honest; the Corvette needed to change directions a bit. It’s been disrespected by everyone from environmentalists to the Europeans, and even by people under 50 years old who like to christen the Vette as a car for octogenarians.

We never understood any of it. The Corvette is one of the few American cars that always stayed true to its roots – for over sixty years. All of us should be proud of its accomplishments, and what it truly represents. While your author is a bit too young to remember, I’m pretty sure that’s the reaction the 1984 Corvette received when it was first unveiled in 1983, after 15 years of the C3 being in production.

Change is good. Change is great, and if the C7 is as good as they say it is, the future of Corvette has been solidified. So take a minute to watch the latest Corvette commercial, brought to you by our friends at Chevrolet. Enemy of the Same, indeed.

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Being into cars at a very early age, Rick has always preferred GM performance cars, and today's LS series engines just sealed the deal. When he's not busy running errands around town in his CTS-V, you can find him in the garage wrenching on his WS6 Trans Am, or at the local cruise spots in his Grand National.
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