The 2014 Corvette is coming; we know it, and so does every Corvette enthusiast the world over. Yet GM is staying mum on the subject, releasing almost nothing in the way of hints, teasers, or information. That has left us grasping at straws for any sort of leaks about the Corvette C7. Sometimes, we just get lucky.

Edmunds Inside Line managed to capture a whole bunch of C7 Corvettes high altitude testing, revealing some important new details about the next Chevy supercar but still leaving lots of mystery for us to unravel.

The pack of C7 Corvettes were heavily camouflaged, covering up any hints as to what the next Corvette will actually look like. The jury is still out on that one, but Edmunds did note that the new C7 Corvette prototypes sport some upgraded bucket seats that replace the often-criticized C6 seats. The C7 Corvette will also get a new steering wheel with a plusher grip, another much-wanted improvement.

Edmunds also notes that compared to the Camaro ZL1 that was also on hand, the new Corvette looks downright small. Furthermore, the new V8 engine will indeed get direct injection, as confirmed by GM, as well as a seven-speed manual transmission. Combined with the smaller size and lighter weight, this new generation of Corvettes should deliver fast-yet-fuel-efficient fun for a new generation of Corvette buyers.