Video – 1996 Corvette Owners Manual With Jeff Gordon

The 1996 Corvette hit the ripe old age of 20 last year. It was at the end of it’s life and the C5 would soon render it obsolete.

Events of the day included Bill Clinton running for his second term, Prince Charles and Diana,  divorcing and Mad Cow Disease entering the pop culture lexicon.

What’s  interesting about this video is how far we’ve come in auto design. Telematics, engine technology and CAD/CAM design. All have rapidly evolved since this was video shot.

Back in the day, the gestation period for a new car was 36-48 months. Looking at it that way, the C4 development started in 1980, 37 years ago…And was ancient tech at the end of it’s model run.

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At over 100 minutes long, this VHS “owners manual” came with every ‘Vette and a signed letter from J.C. Perkins General Manager of Chevrolet Motor Division as well. This video should be mandatory viewing for all late-era C4 owners.

A cherubic Jeff Gordon and John Heinricy host the open of the film and then we’re off to race tracks, instrument panel tutorials and  Bowling Green factory tours to see workers toiling away making new Corvettes.

It’s great fun and although the production values of the film are crystal clear, the footage seems hazy and far away now.

Anyway, there’s a great tutorial on how us the button heavy radio works and how to program the PKE (Passive Key Entry) that’s a must see if you have one of these cars.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy!

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