Video: 1979 Shark Found in Eastern European Woods

The last thing you’d think you’d find wandering in a eastern European forest is a black 1979 Corvette.  Maybe Hansel and Gretel and some bread crumbs or Sasha Baron Cohen from “Borat.” No wait,”Borat”is from Kazakhstan, our apologies… Ugly American cultural mistakes aside, who’d a thunk, thousands of miles away from St Louis, Missouri, a C3 would plunk down in Estonia (between Finland and Latvia,) beautifying mother nature with a Bill Mitchell sculpture? If he were alive, Zora Arkus Duntov would love this too as Estonia is close to his birth place of Belgium. Closer than Detroit anyway. Enough with the  geography – check out the vid from Eastern European muscle car aficionado “George” via his blog.

Leave all notions of flat tires, mice and dried out fiberglass shrinking in the elements. This is a well loved, modded, rubber bumpered ‘Vette that’s seen a Euro renaissance. The film’s production values are quite impressive with pan and dolly shots as well as a myriad of fades and dissolves. This is a loving salute to ‘Murica, coke bottle flanks and the international benchmark of speed, a.k.a., mother effen Chevrolet!  Check out around 4:20 for “The Making Of,” bit. Very cool.

15 second plus quarter mile? Maybe more “Borat” than we first suspected.

While the exterior mods veer close to ticky tacky with funky gold stripes, three prong spinners and tippy toe stance, the 383 stoker heart transplant should dispel any notion  of a automotive version of “Ali G” with Adidas track suit and gold chains.

George likes his speed goodies and built his motor with top components from the good ‘ol USA. Starting with the original L-48 2 bolt motor, it was bored 0.030 over and a balanced Scat 383 stroker kit was installed.  From there all the go fast boxes are checked with hi-po parts including Air Flow Research heads, Comp cam, Trick Flow Pushrods, and Edelbrock Manifold. No EFI here either, just a grumpy old Rochester Quadra-Toilet 750 carburetor.  Evidently he’s been drag racing the finished product, with room for improvement.

Remember, with shipping and exchange rates, what’s plentiful and cheap here in the States is expensive and laborious to acquire abroad and you gotta hand it to George for his perseverance and flying the ‘Vette freak flag in Europe. Now, about that lettering on the tail, does that say what we think it says?

Oh boy, call the speech police…


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