Does your day suck? Miss a deadline, get yelled at by your boss, or get in a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend/beloved pet? Well for you Corvette enthusiasts, we’ve got just the cure. It’s a video from Dijon, France, which is regularly invaded by all manner of American muscle car enthusiasts.

But what really cheers us up is watching a 1973 Corvette chase down and pass a Ford GT40. So as bad as your day was, at least you didn’t get passed by a C3 Corvette.

Not that we’re hating on the C3 Corvette; it was in many ways the best American car you could get at the time. But compared to the C2, or even the C4, for most of its production run, from the factory the C3 was held back by restrictive emissions requirements. Of course on the race track, there is no such thing as emissions requirements.

And so what we have here is a 600 horsepower C3 Corvette at a track day at the famed Dijon-Prenois racing circuit in Dijon, France, about four hours from Le Mans, the site of the GT40’s greatest victory. In this video though, you can tell that it’s inevitable that the more-powerful Corvette will pass the GT40. And once the two cars enter that final stretch, it’s all over but the crying.