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Video: 160 MPH in a C6 on Public Roads – What Could Go Wrong?

They say that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. In this case, however, we do have to make a little exception and call people who do reckless things and then brag about it on YouTube… well, never mind what we’d like to call them, but it’s just not a very smart idea to speed in your car on a public freeway just so you can post it on the world’s largest, virtual video archive. In fact, our own Kevin Shaw reported in December of 2010 that an Oklahoma City local by the name of Cody Replogle was busted for videotaping himself doing 195 in a blown ‘Vette around OKC freeways, just to be found on YouTube by local police and prosecuted.

Apparently, not everyone got the message. “Richard,” on January 4th, posted this video on YouTube of himself doing 160 MPH on a Houston freeway in a C6 Corvette; in light of Replogle’s ordeal just two years ago, this was not a very good decision. Then again, posting the video was the last in a string of bad decisions, like ignoring the multiple warning lights and messages on the dashboard, driving with one hand so he could hold the video camera with the other, getting plenty of clear shots of his own face, and of course, doing more than double the speed limit in the middle of the day in traffic.

Well, Richard, if fame is what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help. Stay tuned to see if internet notoriety translates, once again, into attention from the police…

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