Video: 1500HP C6 Struggles with Traction

What happens when you combine a light, 1500 horsepower car with a street legal drag radial and a track that isn’t fully prepped? I’m sure you could imagine the result of this scenario and if not, it may be a good idea to check out this video…

The featured vehicle started out as a base model C6 Corvette (despite the Z06 bodywork). As we all know though, leaving a car stock usually isn’t good enough for us motorheads. While some of choose to take the route of making mild modifications such as bolt-ons, others decide to go all out. Seems to us that “Go big or go home” was at the forefront of this Vette owner’s to do list when he was modding his monster. First thing was first, a fresh 427 built by ERL Performance. The 1500 HP mark is a bit hefty to attain without some power adders, so the owner decided that the addition of twin 78mm Turbonetics TC78 turbos was necessary to get the juices flowing.

To cap it off, methanol injection helps the beast keep the temps down in order crank out those monstrous numbers. With all of that power, it’s a no brainer that the trans would have to be something special to get it to the rear wheels without breaking. Therefore the big block was paired with a built ZR1 transmission to set the Vette in motion… or so you might assume.

Each time traction is broken, we get a little nervous.

You see, for most of us, making that much power is only a dream. For the owner of this particular Vette, making the power is the easy part. Even with all the money in the world, getting a streetable car with this amount of power to hook is a task in and of itself. While we don’t get a look at the timeslip, it was reported in the video description that the car did a best of 10.80 at 145.

With a trap speed of 145, we all know that this thing has power enough to reach single digits. As a matter of fact, the owner of the vehicle said that on his best run, he had to get out of it 5 times in order to get across the line without going into a slide; We cringe a little inside each time the rear tires start to kick out. While the comments allude to a driver mod being necessary, we highly doubt that anyone saying that has ever been behind the wheel of a machine putting out power of that magnitude. Even though it may look good on paper, being able to capture the car’s potential is an art.

Even with lesser power on a proper suspension, power can be difficult to transfer to the ground. We say go for a friendlier tire compound and pay close attention to what’s going on underneath the car, and you’re shaving seconds off in no time. This leads one to wonder what kind of elapsed time this thing would pull off in if the proper modifications were put in place. As drag racing season is long over in Englishtown, New Jersey, we may have to wait a bit to find out.

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