Video: 1,500 Horsepower C6 Corvette Dubbed “Hater Maker” Roll Races

h8r5One of the more popular aspects of the orgy of automotive excess known as TX2k14 was the roll race event, held on the 2-mile oval at Texas World Speedway. The concept is simple – cars get paired up, and accelerate around the curve of the oval to a set speed, side by side, before going to wide open throttle as they transition onto the back straight.

It’s a racing format that is ideal for extremely high horsepower street cars, because it takes the brutality of a dragstrip launch out of the equation, and with it, the danger of driveline carnage or uncontrolled wheelspin.

h8r1At the TX2k14 roll race, you couldn’t swing a shredded supercharger drive belt without hitting a thousand-horsepower car, so it took quite a bit to stand out from the crowd. This C6 Corvette, dubbed “Hater Maker” with personalized plates to match, certainly managed to grab our attention.

In the video from our friends at High Tech Corvette, we see the car take on a series of Nissan GT-R’s and another Corvette, displaying just how quickly these cars gobble up the Speedway straight.


Look closely and you'll see the dual nitrous purge outlets tucked into the fender vent.

Look closely and you’ll see the dual nitrous purge outlets tucked into the fender vent.

Under the hood, there’s a built 408 cubic inch engine, force fed not only by an F-1X ProCharger blower, but two stages of nitrous supplied by a pair of NX wet nozzles.

After we see the car do a short burnout, accompanied by the telltale sound of the supercharger’s whine, the cameraman jokes, “It’s cam-only.”

We’re told the car makes 1,500 horsepower, making roll race events one of the few places where it can truly stretch its legs.



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