One thousand horsepower in a ’98 C5 Corvette may seem a little wild even for a dedicated race car, but for Joel Feingold it’s par for the course in his street car. Feingold’s C5 has been a labor of love and a source of a little frustration over the years, but after managing to make it to 200 MPH in the standing mile he is delighted with his car. In a previous feature titled “198 and Counting- A Corvette That Does It All” Feingold provides a little insight into the dedication required to create a Corvette that can tackle the standing mile, the road course, and the canyons of Los Angeles.

In a newly released video, Feingold is seen piloting the ’98 around the road course set up at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Watching and hearing the C5 roar as it accelerates through the straightaway is truly a beautiful experience, but the car manages to have excellent handling through the turns and corners as well. The video is Feingold’s entry into a contest to win a trip to the SEMA Show, so the more views he gets, the closer he gets to winning the trip.