Louis Chevrolet's sweet black Z06.

Our friends at Corvette Blogger recently came across this cool 5-minute video produced by Chevrolet In Europe for Chevrolet’s 100th Anniversary. The video depicts a young boy, who has been given an assignment to write about the history of Chevrolet. He becomes frustrated at first because he doesn’t know what to say on the topic, and then again after a quick Google search returns literally millions of links for him so sift through. A slight rub of his new toy Camaro, and Mr. Louis Chevrolet himself magically appears like a genie, in his mud-stained driving gear, to give our young friend some help with his assignment.

Next, there is an interesting exchange between Chevrolet and the boy when the boy tells him that his family doesn’t own a car. “But how will you discover the world?” Chevrolet asks. The boy quickly replies with “On my computer!” Mr. Chevrolet, as you would expect, finds this unacceptable, and with a snap of his fingers some “adequate” transportation appears to take the two of them to the neighborhood where Chevrolet grew up and worked.

Chevrolet gives the boy a tour and explains how he became a mechanic, and how he eventually decided to go to the United States through the encouragement of a very influential American mogul. Given the way the video abruptly ends, it’s safe to assume that this is only one part of a series on the early beginnings of Chevrolet, so keep your eyes peeled for more videos like this as Chevrolet continues to celebrate its Centennial Anniversary.