Video: “Einzeltest” Takes a Crack at Geiger Cars’ Supercharged GS

Our German friends at Einzeltest (which means “Single Test”) are on the tarmac with another Chevy that’s been worked over by the German tuning Company, Geiger Cars. This time it’s a C6 Corvette Grand Sport that’s gotten the Geiger treatment, which includes a supercharger and visual upgrades in the typical Geiger style.

To get your hands on one of these special Grand Sports, you’re looking at spending new-ZR1-type money. Einzeltest reports that the Geiger GS is priced at 89,000 Euros, or 116,963 US Dollars. On the performance side, the supercharged LS3 is supposed to be able to carry the Geiger GS to 100 kilometers per hour, or the equivalent of 62 miles per hour, in a short 3.9 seconds.

From the under-hood shots they take of the Geiger GS we can clearly tell that the supercharger unit they are running is one of Edelbrock’s direct bolt-on E-Force units, that utilizes the same rotors as the TVS 2300 and the ZR1’s OEM supercharger. Edelbrock states that their E-Force Units on an LS3 equipped C6 Corvette will make 599 horsepower and 547 pound feet of torque.

On the looks side of things, the Geiger Grand Sport is anything but subtle with the updates Geiger has performed. However, in comparison to the retina scorching Geiger Camaro SS we showed you a few days ago, the Grand Sport almost looks a bit common.

We can’t understand what test driver Marcus Peters has to say about the Geiger Grand Sport, but he seems to be pretty happy with it. Perhaps one of our loyal readers out there can translate for us, but even if you can’t understand the dialog, Einzeltest’s shots of the Geiger GS in action ought to still keep you plenty entertained.

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