Video: “Antifreeze Green” Corvette On 26-inch Spinners

The car culture has dozens of car sub-cultures, from hot hatchbacks to British roadsters and of course, the American muscle car. Some might even say that the Corvette is a whole subculture on to itself, and we’d agree. Sometimes though, sub-cultures clash, and the Corvette is sometimes caught in the crossfire of big rims and bad paintjobs.

The Tampa Sports Car Examiner found this video of the so-called “Antifreeze Green” Corvette rolling on 26-inch rims, and it has us scratching our heads. The Corvette is supposed to be a performance car. Isn’t 400 horsepower flashy enough?

Now we believe that there is room enough in the car world for all sorts of different tastes. Not everybody has to be into muscle cars or high performance (though we don’t know why they wouldn’t want to be.) So oversized rims don’t really bother us, even when they are on classics like the often-donked Chevy Impala. In recent years though, big rims have been making their way on to more and more cars with some questionable results, though. This Corvette is the perfect example. How much modification did fitting these rims require? Can this Corvette even hit 100 mph any more?

The rims are 26-inch Dub “Flash” rims with spinners. Any guess as to how much each of these wheels cost? Around $2,200. Each. So after taxes and installation and whatever modifications had to be made to this poor ‘Vette, we’re talking about at least $10,000 just in spinning wheels painted the same questionable green color as the rest of the car. Why would you want to call your paintjob “Antifreeze Green” anyway? Doesn’t sound very appealing. However, the black and green theme of the car carries throughout the vehicle, and it looks like it might have actually been professionally done. So at least there is that.

As an added bonus, there is a late-model Dodge Charger on 26-inch spinners at the end of the video too. At least there’s no real performance potential being ruined there…

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