Image Credit: User SoSlow1

Image Credit: user SoSlow1

If you own a Corvette and you live anywhere near Corpus Christi, Texas, it’s likely you’ve already heard about this. But if you don’t – pay attention to this post! ‘Vettes and Jets on the Lex is a yearly charity event put on by the South Texas Corvette Club along with the staff of the USS Lexington. The Lex is a decommissioned World War II-era Essex Class aircraft carrier with plenty of room on deck for – you guessed it – ‘Vettes and jets! With a 910-foot-long flight deck and 196-foot max width, there’s plenty of room for both. The Lexington is a national treasure that was a member of the Fifth Fleet and spent a total of 21 months in combat in WWII. 

60-plus Corvettes In A Caravan To Corpus Christi

Beware, videos are long but well worth the watch!

vettes2The charity event benefits the Wounded Warrior Project, and has been able to donate well over $100,000 to the cause over the last couple of years. At this point, the event can host about 325 Corvettes on the deck of the carrier, and has expanded to become a three-day event along with a dance and live auction, making it truly a destination event for those who attend – all while benefiting our wounded soldiers.

There were plenty of items up for auction to help raise money, and 334 confirmed entries in the 2013 event from all over the country – places as far away as Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Michigan.

Loading Up The Flight Deck Of The USS Lexington

Unloading From The Flight Deck

There are a number of great photos over on and also on the Vettes and Jets website; check them out if you’re so inclined. This is a great event that benefits a worthy cause – maybe you should make your plans to be there next year!