“Vette Collections” Visits One of the World’s Largest in Europe

There are countless Corvette collections around the country, as we’ve seen in Michael Brown’s Vette Collections YouTube series. But this latest collection Brown visited has something that none of the ones we’ve seen so far have – the title of the largest Corvette collection in Europe. That’s right, one of the biggest Corvette collectors actually lives in Holland. Check out his impressive collection spanning all six generations of America’s favorite sports car in the latest episode of Vette Collections above.

Owned by Andre Boer, this expansive collection is home to over 100 Corvettes ranging from early C1s to C6s all grouped with their generations in mind. Among those in the collection are a noteworthy ‘67 black roadster with a hardtop, red stinger hood, red interior and just 34,000 miles on the odometer. The first big-block car Boer acquired, this particular car has won a number of awards and designations in its time in the collection.

Boer also owns one of the very first C6 Z06 models to be made to European specifications and shipped to the continent.

While Boer loves collecting Corvettes, he also enjoys working on them with his three sons. Together they fix and restore Corvettes from the area and even sell some from their collection if they have double models. Housed near the collection are warehouses filled with parts, accessories, and wheels for Corvette projects, as well as wrecked and partially restored cars.

While Boer has practically every Corvette anyone could ask for, there is one, or maybe two that he wouldn’t mind picking up. The first is an original 1953 Corvette while the other, we’re sure, is a Mako Shark II like the one that inspired Boer’s collection in the first place.

We love our Corvettes here in the States but the love for this car goes beyond our American borders. While Boer certainly has his place owning one of the largest Corvette collections in the world, chances are there are other unique Corvette collections in other unexpected places.

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