Vengeance Racing is one of the biggest names in the automotive community when it comes to building and tuning LSX-powered vehicles. They’ve been in business for years, supplying members of our community with some of the sickest high-horsepower builds in the hobby. Now they want to give back to the enthusiasts, by hosting a a customer appreciation day!Vengeance girls

If you’re looking to hang out with LSX enthusiasts like yourself, then head over to their shop in Cumming, Georgia (north of Atlanta) on May 18, 2013, for a catered BBQ lunch, all-day dyno runs, a huge car show, massive prize giveaways, hourly show specials, and an overall good time. Oh, and if that doesn’t intrigue you enough, the “Ladies of Vengeance” will be in attendance too, for all of you playas out there!

But you don’t have to be a current customer of theirs to enjoy the festivities, as long as you love LS cars, being social, and are interested in making your Camaro, Firebird, G8, GTO, Corvette, Trailblazer SS or late-model GM truck faster. Doors open at 10 am and the party doesn’t end until the last attendee leaves.

So while this may be a bit of a short notice, you can’t say you weren’t told about it beforehand. We only wish that we could make it ourselves!

The Vengeance Racing facility is quite impressive. Fill it with a bunch of bad ass cars, good food, good friends, and some good looking women, and you'll have yourself a good time!