Vararam, best known for their cold air intakes for late model GM V8’s, just unveiled a clean-sheet design for an LS intake manifold at this year’s Camaro5Fest. Per the company, the low profile intake will fit beneath both C5 and C6 Corvette hoods, with no cutting of the firewall necessary.

Thanks to the modular design, applications include cathedral port LS1/LS6 heads, as well as LS3 square port, LS7 raised square port, and GM LSX cylinder heads as well. Cast baseplates mate with the heads, while the runners, plenums, and crossover tube/throttle body mount are made from Zytel polymer.

Everything’s sealed with custom O-ring connections, and runner lengths and plenum volumes can be customized via interchangeable parts, allowing optimization for naturally aspirated or boosted combinations. The throttle body mount will also be available in both 3- and 4-bolt configurations for maximum flexibility in parts compatibility.

Dyno testing is still underway at Vararam, but as soon as results are available, we’ll bring them to you. With any luck, production manifolds will be available this summer.