Vararam Industries Adds In-House Rapid Prototype Capabilites

Can you imagine how cool it would be to “print” a three-dimensional object? Just design a cool new speed part on your computer in CAD, click print, and in a few minutes there it is. Actually, that is exactly what can be accomplished with “rapid prototyping systems”. These machines are capable of quickly producing prototype parts out of plastic or metal, and our friends over at Vararam Industries recently let us know that they now have one of these cool 3D printers of their own.

Vararam has long been known for their advanced intake systems and components, and they will typically put months of research and development into any of the new systems. The guys at Vararam tell us that their new rapid prototyping system will cut down on their R&D time by about 30%, while still providing the same results from their intake systems and other performance parts. The throttle body spacer prototype you see being produced in the video above would normally take about 3 days to get back from an outsourced rapid prototyping company. Now that Vararam can use their prototyping system to create the same exact prototype in just one hour!

Add rapid prototyping  to Vararam’s existing CDF programming and in-house molding and machining capabilities, and it’s easy to see that Vararam has everything they need under one roof to design, test, and produce some of the most advanced intake systems on the market for late-model GM performance cars. For more info, check out Vararam’s website, or give them a call at (866) 507-2648.   

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