Valvetrain Tech Tips from Ferrea

Looking to learn more about valvetrain components or buying tips for that new engine project you’re working on? Well, Ferrea Racing Components has you covered. Over on the Ferrea website, you’ll find a quite resourceful Tech Tips section that will give some better insight and understanding of valves, how they work, why they are the way they are, and the processes involved in their creation.

The section begins with a look at Ferrea’s Lightweight Pro Solid Lifters that weight in at just 59 grams, and are forged from Tool Steel alloy for added strength and durability. They point out that track and dyno tests have shown that these lifters along with Hollow Stem Lightweight Valves can allow an additional 500-650 RPM by reducing nearly a full pound of rotating mass.

This is followed by a piece explaining the concept of “Lighter = more power,” and offers a diagram pointing out each area of Ferrea’s Hollow Stem Lightweight Valves and the areas where mass has been removed and durability has been increased. Ferrea’s Competition Valves are the most reliable extreme duty valves on the market, and have gained that reputation through extensive R&D programs.

Finally, Ferrea offers a look at the process of manufacturing a one-piece forged valve. The head of the valve is forged through a two-step process that involves machining to a perfect finish, heat treating, stress-relief, grinding, and coating.

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