Everyone is usually a little sketchy about leaving a sports car, muscle car or even 4×4 truck with a valet, but discount parking lots are usually not so fearsome. WFTV.com was informed of a discount parking lot that will take out customer cars for personal use and abuse. Thanks to a little investigative journalism and a GPS tracking device, WFTV rented a C6 Corvette convertible and baited Jay Nieves of Premier Parking Spot. This business caters to cruise passengers who want to leave their vehicles with a valet and at a hopefully secure location, but after multiple complaints and the tips to the station, WFTV’s Jeff Deal decided to investigate. A couple posing as husband and wife dropped off their red C6 at Premier Parking Spot and Nieves took the bait almost immediately. Within 6 hours of the Corvette being in the hands of Premier, the GPS tracker alerted WFTV that bait car was on the move.

Just like the scene from Ferris Bueller with Cameron Frye’s father’s Ferrari, the valet was off joy riding in the rented Corvette. Thanks to video footage, Nieves and an employee are caught taking the C6 on some local dirt roads, perhaps indulging in their inner rally car driver fantasies. Eventually the car subjected a cruise on Merritt Island and a trip to Applebee’s.  Nieves even drove the car home, took pictures and eventually took it out to run errands. If the distrust and anger is not already boiling your blood, Nieves used the convertible C6 as pickup truck to haul back a load of lumber from the local hardware store.

However the infuriating treatment of the C6 did not stop there. Nieves allowed a four-legged friend to run amok on the painted surfaces of the car; it is hard to not be livid when watching Fido damaging the finish in the new car. Of course when Nieves parked the car with the top down and the door open near Premier Parking Spot Jeff Deal confronted a female employee about the car along with Nieves. Nieves denied driving the customer car even after being shown the video documenting all sorts of hoonage. Of course the local news station plans to follow up on Nieves’ behavior along with getting customer reactions to his alleged “hoonfest”.